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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

NEW IN THE NEWSSTAND: CYH, Cineaste, Black Woman and Child, Aperture

We're working hard to make sure our inventory of sample copies is fresh. We receive shipments of magazines into the newsstand every day, and plan to give you short takes on these new issues in this column on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can get sample copies of any of these publications from us for $2.59 each.

CYH is a general interest quarterly magazine edited for African-Americans. The cover story of the Spring 2007 issue is about LisaRaye McCoy Misick, star of the UPN network's long-running comedy All of Us. In a Grace Kelly-style twist, she is now first lady of Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean. In "Cry Freedom: The Menace of Modern Slavery," CYH editor Ene Taylor explores modern slavery in various parts of the world, an ongoing million-dollar business. You'll also find plenty of practical information in this issue, including tips on picking a college, buying a house and mending your finances. CYH means "Celebrates Your Heritage."

The Fall 2006 issue of the film quarterly
Cineaste features the fetching Gretchen Mol on the cover in a scene from The Notorious Bettie Page. Billed as "our biggest issue ever," the magazine contains lengthy interviews with actors Willem Dafoe and Joan Allen. In Christopher Sharrett's essay "Through a Door Darkly" you'll encounter a less-than-reverent reappraisal of John Ford's The Searchers. There's also a detailed study of Val Lewton's RKO films, including I Walked With a Zombie and The Ghost Ship (curiously, I've watched both over the past month). As usual, there are also dozens of cogent film, DVD and book reviews in the issue.

Black Woman and Child is a magazine for women who are pregnant, plan to become pregnant and/or have a child or children aged seven and under. The Winter 2006 issue contains an interesting article on the benefits of yoga. Faduma Mohammed, born in Somalia and later a student in Germany, compares what it means to be a mother in her native country and in Europe. You'll find an article about what to look for if you're planning to send a child to day care. Marlo David-Azikwe complains that hip-hop music and culture ignore the life and concerns of a mother.

Aperture is a lush, oversized quarterly devoted to fine photography. We've received a recent issue that features a cover story about Lynn Davis, who has focused on the architecture of space programs from Kazakhstan to Cape Canaveral. The issue also takes you to Louisiana's fearsome Angola Prison, to the revolutionary magazine design of the Harper's Bazaar spinoff Junior Bazaar in the late 1940s, and to photographer Jen Davis's arresting self-photographs.

Copies of any of these magazines are available from us for $2.59, plus $2.00 per order for shipping.

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