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Monday, December 19, 2005

GRAND: The Doting Game

It's Grandparents Day at the newsstand as we mark the debut of Grand magazine. Now in its second year, Grand is aimed at the grandmothers and grandfathers of America. Think of it as a seniors magazine for seniors with a family focus. But I might be hasty in using the word "seniors"; Grand founder Christine Crosby notes in her editorial in the new December/January issue, just received in the newsstand, "Just a century ago, the average life span was only 47. Today, 47 is the average age of the first-time grandparent." The articles in the issue are crafted to the concerns and possibilities of people who dote on their grandchildren, such as the benefits of regular exercise (subtitled "Keep up with your grandkids"), various adventure trips you can share with your family and things you can collect that will interest the youngest generation (comic books, Lord of the Rings artifacts, video games). You'll find a whole section on suggestions for toys, clothing and other gifts for the kiddies. The magazine has a pair of senior celebrity profiles: actress Blythe Danner (mother of Gwyneth Paltrow) and singer Patti Page. An expert on philanthropy shares his thoughts on how those with substantial assets can create a private family foundation to involve the whole family in a spirit of giving to the community. Another article advises grandparents on how they can help grandchildren weather family crises―death, divorce, financial instability―at times when their parents might be unable to cope. There are a couple of reports at the end of the issue on the burgeoning movement for legal rights for grandparents, whose legal access to their grandchildren is not provided for in most states in the case of divorce and other messy situations. I was touched by an advice column authored by a psychotherapist (and grandmother 11 times over). A fellow wrote her that his mother showed little interest in his two-year-old son: "She's always too busy, and I am not exaggerating when I say her dog is higher on her list of priorities." The advice he gets makes sense: "Giving up trying to make her into a doting granny and accepting her for who she is, is your best hope." I suggest the fellow buy his mother a year's worth of Grand. An annual subscription (six issues) is $14.97 from the publisher; you can get a sample copy from us for $2.59.


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